Modern Master of Light - Hawaii Artist Al Hogue.
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  • John Clifton

John Clifton Name: John Clifton

Date: 3/11/2017

Product/Service: ART

I want to express how much Sherry and I enjoy your art. Acquiring our second work and exchanging emails with you triggered memories that I would like to share. In the summer of 1999 I was in San Antonio for a weeklong conference. I was browsing in Wayland Galleries near the Riverwalk in San Antonio, TX. I found it an impressive gallery with a wide variety of works on display, well lit, and comfortable. While taking in the gallery I was approached by a gentleman who was employed there. We spoke and he asked if I heard of Al Hogue. I said that I had not. He said the gallery has a room that is designed to showcase Al Hogue's art. He explained that Al was the master of light, how the prints are created from the original and how he spends time with each piece, highlighting, enhancing, and adding the touches that make it appear to radiate light.

The room was quite comfortable with good seating and multiple lighting controls. I don't recall but it would not surprise me if they had sea shore sounds as part of the effect. The curator presented several of your works. With each piece he would place it on the display, lower the room lights and slowly raise the display lights. The demonstration was impressive. He placed a work called "Banyan Moon" onto the display and went into his routine of lowering the house lights and slowly raising the display lights. As I watched the lights in the huts appeared to "turn on". As the lights increased the moon became brilliant and the waves came to life. I could see into the waves with the light of the moon radiating through the gentle breaking waves showing the green hues of the ocean. I was awed with the presentation of Banyan Moon. Toward the end of the light cycle I noticed the stars. There were stars shining in the sky perfectly offset by the darkness of space.

This was all I needed. The curator asked which piece I liked the best. I said "Banyan Moon". He offered to ship it for me but I explained my wife needs to see this first and she would be down in 2 days. My wife is dear to me. She is also financially conservative. I spoke with her about what I saw, my experience, the emotions it stirred and I asked her to go with me to the gallery. She agreed. The first night after her arrival we went to the gallery and met with the curator. I introduced Sherry and reminded him of the display I saw two nights before. He remembered and we went straight to the display room. I asked the curator to start with Banyan Moon and he did. Sherry was as impressed as I was. The curator humored us with our requests to adjust the lighting to showcase all the various points of light that grow and glow at different light levels. He concluded by turning the lights so there was little illumination. It appeared that the inhabitants of the huts were turning down their lights for the night.

Al, we bought Banyan Moon then and there. The gallery shipped to our address. It arrived beautifully framed, which we selected, and was in perfect condition. It was several months before I could have proper lighting installed to showcase Banyan Moon. When we entertained I would invite our guests to watch how this wondrous work illuminated its own light, describing what they were seeing and what would happen and where to look as I raised and lowered the light. Everyone that viewed your work was impressed by the beauty. Some thought it was cool that the artist lives in Hawaii.

I've purchased other works of art over the years and I enjoy them but Banyan Moon was my first and has always been my favorite.

I also want to you know how appreciative I am for the opportunity to own one of your originals. Soft Light hangs in my home office with accent lighting. Yesterday evening I presented your Dedication to my wife. It stopped her in her tracks and this does not happen often. Her response was oh my, that is impressive and is so thoughtful that he would write a dedication to both of us citing both works.

You did good Al and I do appreciate it.

John Clifton's

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