Modern Master of Light - Hawaii Artist Al Hogue.
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Available Originals
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Wildlife Image Collection
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Seascapes (Daytime)
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Seascapes (Nighttime)
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Commission Art
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Limited Edition Prints
View Al Hogue limited editions prints that you can purchase as Lithograph or Giclee on Canvas. More...
Available Originals
View Al Hogue available originals. More...
Wildlife Image Collection
All of Al's wildlife paintings tell a story. Some would say that his paintings come to life letting us hear, see, and feel the animals interacting in their natural world! From the jungles of Burma to serene tropical beaches, Al Hogue captures nature's beauty through his art. Click on link to view collection of Hawaii art images featuring wildlife. More...
Available Mini Originals
View Al Hogue available mini originals. More...
Seascapes (Daytime) Image Collection
Al Hogue, the Master of Modern Light, has captured the beauty of many wonderful daytime seascapes over the years. Al Hogue immortalizes beautiful beaches, harbors and was even inspired to create a "perfect paradise" from a his wonderful memories of visiting many tropical beaches. Click on link to view collection of Hawaii art images featuring daytime seascapes. More...
Seascapes (Nighttime) Image Collection
Nighttime seascape paintings have a special place in Al Hogue's heart. He has immortalized many wonderful tropical beaches and harbors inspired from his travels and memories. From the Napali Coast in Kauai, Hawaii to tropical beaches from the artist's imagination, Al Hogue's romantic night time images never fails to inspire and relax the viewer of his art. Click on link to view collection of Hawaii art images featuring nighttime seascapes. More...
Cityscapes Image Collection
Al Hogue's collection of cityscape artworks are inspired from his travels to different picturesque locations around the world. From the city of San Francisco to the City of Moonlight (Paris), all's romantic representation of these cityscapes will truly capture your imagination! Click on link to view collection of Hawaii art images featuring cityscapes. More...
Christmas Image Collection
Looking for a more festive Al Hogue artwork? Check out his original Christmas artworks that are sure to bring you into the holiday mood. As always, he incorporates his unique signature "transparent glow" into his paintings and creates magical Christmas scenes with the majestic moon overlooking the landscape. Click on link to view collection of Christmas Hawaii art images. More...
Limited Edition Prints (Low Inventory)
Purchase First Generation of Al Hogue Limited Editions (Since 1993) directly from Al Hogue!
View Al Hogue limited editions prints that are in low inventory and have a higher value. LIMITED TIME SPECIAL:: Each purchase come with a FREE Lithograph ($275 Value). More...
Commission Art
Commission art is an painting personally created by Al Hogue for a collector. Find our how you can have your own commission oil from Al Hogue. More...
Available Al Hogue Lithographs
A great way to own a Al Hogue print at a great price! More...
Framing - Al Hogue Frame Styles - Koa Wood,White Wash, Black Laquer
Al Hogue has been building frames for over 18 years that are works of art in their own right. More...
Sold Out Artwork
Limited Edition Prints for commission art ideas. More...

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