Modern Master of Light - Hawaii Artist Al Hogue.
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    By combining archival inks with the finest hand-combed canvas or fine art paper, Al Hogue fine art prints are able to meet the expectations of the most discriminating dealers and collectors. Lastly, hand accenting helps each print mirror the detail, beauty, and most importantly, the 'signature transparent glow' of Al Hogue original oils.
  • A New Beginning
    ** NEW ** Theme: Wildlife / Sunrise ** Inspiration: Al, recalling his first visit to the beach as a small boy, recaptured that moment of thrill and excitement on canvas, through the eyes of a foal, prancing and playing with the waves, immersed in the wonders of nature. The mother horse and foal represent Al's wife and daughter, with the mother introducing the young offspring to the joys of the ocean for the first time.
  • Bathed in Moonlight
    ** NEW ** Theme: Seascapes / Moonlit ** Inspiration: No particular location, Hawaiian Islands: Al was inspired to paint this large moon having observed many such 'bold moon rises' while anchored in secluded coves sailing in the Hawaiian Islands. "Often times I would lie on the beach watching the sailboat in the cove gently rocking at anchor , and think... "We are bathed in heavenly bliss by warm surf and moonlight. Our earthly cares are washed away...."
  • Jungle Playground
    ** NEW ** Theme: Wildlife / Moonlit ** Inspiration: "The Bengal Tiger cubs playfully explore the jungle as if it is their own private playground. Mother watches carefully as one of her cubs greets us curiously as we stumble upon the Tiger family's secret world."
  • Moonlit Sanctuary
    ** NEW ** Theme: Wildlife / Moonlit ** Inspiration: A peaceful sanctuary for all of God's land and sea creatures. This place of perfect peace and serenity is inspired by Al Hogue's travels to places of tropical paradise. Young lovers walk hand in hand on the beach. Bathed in the romantic glow of a full moon, they return to their refuge and home built in the arms of a banyan tree. From their home in the trees the couple can observe the ocean below. Their calm lagoon is a playground for a family of dolphins weaving their way through an exploding garden of coral. The moonlight paints a scene of phosphorescent color over the ocean canvas.
  • Winter Starlight
    ** NEW ** Theme: Winter / Moonlit ** Inspiration: Al was born in northern British Columbia, Canada. During the long winter nights as a child, Al would often look up from his bedroom window to the Northern Lights shimmering across a star-filled winter sky. Snow reflected the brilliant patterns of blue, red, and green from the Aurora Borealis dancing high overhead. He daydreamed endlessly of mythical creatures living in the brilliant light above. Al combined his pleasant childhood memories of the Northern Lights with the Grand Teton mountain range of Wyoming, near Yellowstone, to create "Winter Starlight".
  • Moonlit Magic
    Theme: Seascapes / Moonlit ** Inspiration: The moon rises above the ocean radiating romantic light everywhere. The jungle creatures settle down for the night. We sit on the lanai of our jungle tree house and listen to the gentle night sounds of the ocean and jungle. Al wanted to capture the romance and carefree lifestyle of living on the islands in the old Hawaiian way...
  • The Sentinel
    Theme: Seascapes / Moonlit ** Inspiration: Al's daydreams of living a quite life at an isolated lighthouse station where he could paint, immersed in the sight and sound of the ocean's rolling surf.
  • Lahaina Twilight
    Theme: Cityscapes ** Inspiration: The view from Front Street on the Island of Maui in Hawaii. In the glow of evening twilight we see the historic two-story Pioneer Inn, and the old whaling ship, 'Carthaginian;. The artist has meticulously painted himself in the second story window of the Pioneer Inn in the act of creating this (painting).
  • Waikiki Sunrise
    Theme: Cityscapes ** Inspiration: Al has captured 'the essence of romance' in his painting of one of the world's most famous scenes - the beach of Waikiki. In the sand we see the footsteps of lovers walking the night before. The painting captures the blissful romance of Waikiki that no doubt swept over the lovers as they walked in the warm sand.
  • Heavenly Light
    Theme: Seascapes / Moonlit ** Inspiration: Returning to shore at dusk one night, sailing with his father off the coast of Hawaii, Al noticed all the other homeward bound boats following the guiding beacon of a lighthouse. The lighthouse marks the safe course home for everyone at sea. The radiant light of a full moon - like the lighthouse beacon -- also inspires feelings of peace and security. Al wanted to create a painting that bathed the viewer in the soothing glow of both lights. A strong light can guide us to a safe sanctuary toward peace & understanding.
  • Nautilus Moon
    Theme: Seascapes / Moonlit ** Inspiration: Walking alone one night on the beach, as he often does to feel the peace and power of nature, Al saw the moonlight reflecting through a perfect nautilus shell.
  • Dawn of a New Day
    Theme: Seascapes / Daylight ** Inspiration: Al and Cindy's favorite beach on the Na Pali coast of Kauai, Hawaii.
  • Banyan Sunrise
    Theme: Seascapes / Daylight ** Inspiration: Al and his wife, Cindy's fantasy of living in the tropical rain forest.
  • Returning Home
    Theme: Seascapes / Daylight ** Inspiration: Al's daydream of cruising in a sailboat with his family, and returning to the shelter of a seaside cottage.
  • Bali Hai
    Theme: Seascapes / Moonlit ** Inspiration: This scene is from the Princeville Hotel on Kauai. The Hotel overlooks one of the most beautiful sights in all of the Hawaiian Islands - Bali Hai - with its towering mountains and crystal clear water. Al, says, "Swimming in the bay at night inspired this painting. This is my favorite Hotel, and one of my favorite places in all of Hawaii to swim. This is a place where romance permeates all that it touches - the air, water, flowers, and earth all breath with romance."
  • Moonlit Dance
    Theme: Wildlife / Moonlit ** Inspiration: One day Al watched his three-year-old daughter, Brielle ride on her white rocking horse, humming to herself in perfect peace and contentment. It reminded Al of rhythmic ocean waves as she rode back and forth. Like the toy horse, the ocean also calms and relaxes his daughter when she plays on the beach. To Al, the wild Arabian horse has many similarities with the ocean, inspiring us with its nobility and power, while at the same time, calming us with its sensitive grace and beauty.
  • Sunlit Magic
    Theme: Seascapes / Daylight ** Inspiration: Al created this 'perfect paradise' from a collection of stored memories from visiting hundreds of tropical beaches. He wanted to capture on canvas, a carefree, lazy, hot tropical day in this jungle paradise. Feel the warm azure ocean in the heat of the mid-afternoon sun...
  • The Heights Of Harmony
    Theme: Wildlife / Sunsets ** Inspiration: High in the jungles of Burma, a mother tiger watches over her playful cubs. The tiger family finds relief from the oppressive heat in this secret jungle pool. Al painstakingly researches all his wildlife paintings, so that both the subtle details of the environment and the animal's natural behavior are recorded on canvas. All of Al's wildlife paintings tell a story -- they are not just a portrait representation of an animal...we hear, see, and feel the animals interacting in their natural world. Al wanted to paint this image to celebrate his daughter Brielle's first birthday , since she likes tigers very much.
  • Crystal Moon
    Theme: Seascapes / Moonlit
    Modern Master of Light

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