Modern Master of Light - Hawaii Artist Al Hogue.
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  • Al Hogue Art
    Limited Edition Prints by Al Hogue The Artist

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  • Limited Edition Prints by Al Hogue The Artist
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    By combining archival inks with the finest hand-combed canvas or fine art paper, Al Hogue fine art prints are able to meet the expectations of the most discriminating dealers and collectors. Lastly, hand accenting helps each print mirror the detail, beauty, and most importantly, the 'signature transparent glow' of Al Hogue original oils.
  • Bayou Moon
    Theme: Bayou Scene ** Inspiration: This piece was inspired by my fishing & hunting along the Gulf Coast, observing some of the world most hidden treasures.
  • Journey In Paradise
    Theme: Seascapes / Moonlit ** Inspiration: This image was created from my imagination and memories of scuba diving at night and swimming with dolphins.
  • Waikiki Daybreak
    Theme: Seascapes / Sunrise ** Inspiration: Memories of growing up in Hawaii, spending time enjoying incredible sunsets and surfing in Waikiki.
  • Misty Reflection
    Inspiration: This painting reflects memories of rejuvenating trips to our favorite Minnesota lake cabin. My family and I spent time fishing, swimming, hiking, and taking in all the beauty nature had to offer. New lower Giclee on Canvas prices (starting at $95)
  • Dolphin Moonbeams
    Theme: Seascapes / Moonlit Inspiration: Memories of scuba diving at night in Hawaii on a full moon.
  • Old Mill Trace
    Theme: Sunset ** Inspiration: I'm now expanding into new genres. Old Mill Trace is a commissioned original painted for a collector. The historic windmill from 1870 is situated among beautiful rolling hills, green pasture, and some happy local residents.
  • Serenity Cove
    This serene island destination is bathed in a warm tropical sunset. The viewer can imagine themselves strolling around the cove collecting sea shells and enjoying the sweet aroma of tropical flowers.
  • Forever Free
    I was inspired to paint "Forever Free" after seeing a horse running on the beach, it's fluid motion in perfect harmony with the rolling waves. Both are unbound masterpieces of God's creation.
  • Electric Beach
    Here, I am capturing the abundance of vivid colors of the tropical Napali Coast in Kauai. The moon's brilliance electrifies the waves as they wash across the beach. 6/2008
  • South Seas Paradise
    In this painting, you can imagine yourself rowing ashore in the moonlight, on your way to visit friends at their quaint beach house.
  • Destiny's Light
    "Destiny's Light" was inspired by the sleek and fast China clippers ('greyhounds of the sea') that raced across the Pacific Ocean between China, India, and the Americas during the early to middle 19th century. In this painting we see the ship safely anchored next to a light house guarding a South Pacific island.
  • Waikiki Surf Aglow
    This piece captures the natural romantic wonders of Waikiki in the moonlight. You can imagine yourself strolling down the beach, gazing across the rolling surf, and being hypnotized by the moon.
  • Heavens Light
    Theme: Seascapes / Sunsets ** Inspiration: I was inspired to paint Heaven's Light by having taken many adventures to the Napali Coast of Kauai with my family. Waterfalls cascade from the clouds down the majestic cliffs as the heavens radiate pastel warmth across rolling surf.
  • Banyan Magic
    In this tropical fantasy the spectacular full moon radiates across the rolling surf, while warming the beach and lighting the way home to the cozy treehouse.
  • Mount Rushmore
    Inspiration: I have lived in South Dakota and enjoyed hiking and fishing there. This is a little artist license with the fore ground. It is my idea of a perfect getaway to one of our country's most beautiful national parks.
  • Waikiki Moon
    Here I captured the mixture of moonlight and romance of one of the most famous beaches in the world, Waikiki Beach, in Honolulu. Living in Hawaii since my teenage years, it is one of my favorite places in the islands. ** Ref. No.: 3067 ** Size: 24x36 ** Theme: Seascapes / Moonlit ** Limited Edition: Yes
  • Volcano Moon
    This painting was inspired by a collector who wanted a tropical island volcano scene. The active volcano errupts across the bay as the viewer stands on a serene moonlit beach.
  • Garden of Light
    A lighthouse stand guard radiating light to guide ships to safety. Ocean creatures bask in the warm light of the moon. This garden of life is bathed in light from above.
  • Moonlit Symphony
    I was commissioned to paint this original by a Collector. It depicts a perfect moonlit island retreat in symphony with nature.
  • Christmas Moon
    My first "published" Christmas image is this magical Christmas scene. Santa is "up, up, and away" as he races across a majestic moon, while Mr. Snowman waves a fond farewell.
  • Mermaids
    This original was a commission I painted for a family that loves mermaids. This is a special edition because it's the first "mermaids" I've published. The mother is lovingly brushing her daughter's hair in the warm tropical moonlight.
  • An Indian Summer
    This image is inspired by family vacations we took in the fall. We enjoyed warm, peaceful days of fishing and hiking. The serene lake here reflects the beautiful colors of autumn and the hazy mountain sunset.
  • Christmas Eve
    Theme: Winterscape / Moonlit ** Inspiration: Childhood memories of Christmases in the mountains of British Columbia Canada. We loved building Snowmen, snow/ ice tracks for sledding and snow tunnels.
  • Classic Sunset
    Theme: Sunset ** Inspiration: This piece was a commission from a well know antique car and boat show " Keels and Wheels" at the Lakewood Yacht club in Seabrook (Houston), Tx south of Houston. This is a proteges show that is on the same US circuit as the Pebble Beach show were classic car and wooden boat collectors travel around the country showing their collections. This painting is on the front cover of their 2017 Keels and Wheels Concours d’elegance show program cover. I have collected classic cars my self and have used classic boats in past paintings as well as had been brought up on boats. Needless to say was very excited to be involved in the project and create a piece that married two of the great classic "Chris Craft" boats and 1932 "Stutz Bearcat" car with a classic sunset.
  • Country Courtin
    Theme: Landscape ** Inspiration: This piece was inspired by my recent excursions through the Texas hill country this last spring , observing some of the world most hidden treasures.
  • Green Pastures
    Theme: Mountainscapes / Sunset ** Inspiration: This image was created from my imagination and memories of riding horses in the mountains of British Columbia Canada.
  • Manatees
    This painting was commissioned by Al Hogue collectors, Bob & Laurie Shinn. The scene is inspired by both the, Shinn's and Al's love of Jimmy Buffet's music and theri mutual love of the Florida Keys. In the middleground, we see the float plane Jimmy Buffet uses to explore the countless islands of his Florida Keys. In the foreground we see Jimmy's parrot in the mangrove tree and the rare Florida Manatees swimming in the crystal clear Carribean Sea.
  • Mountain Mist
    Theme: Mountainscapes / Sunset ** Inspiration: This image was created from my imagination and memories of a trips to Sierra Nevada.
  • Paradise
    Theme: Seascapes / Sunrise ** Inspiration: This piece is a combination of imaginative fantasy and fond memories of sailing around the Hawaiian Islands. Memories of anchoring in small coves, we would scuba dive, fish and take the dingy ashore to explore the island. The one thing that we enjoyed the most was happy hour and watching the sunset.
  • Skirting the Storm
    Theme: Oceanscape / Wildlife ** Inspiration: Memories of fishing offshore for Marlin in Hawaii and in the Gulf of New Mexico, fighting to land a big fish before being run down by a storm.
  • Western Glow
    Theme: Western Landscape ** Inspiration: Excursions to the Texas hill country in the spring to marvel at the beauty of the vast rolling hills covered with Bluebonnets, Indian paints and other wildflowers.
    Modern Master of Light

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