Modern Master of Light - Hawaii Artist Al Hogue.
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  • Featured Art: "Winter Starlight" by Al Hogue

Winter Starlight

Featured Art: "Winter Starlight" by Al Hogue

Our latest featured original artwork by the Master of Modern Light, artist Al Hogue is called "Winter Starlight."

Al was born in northern British Columbia, Canada. During the long winter nights as a child, Al would often look up from his bedroom window to the Northern Lights shimmering across a star-filled winter sky. Snow reflected the brilliant patterns of blue, red, and green from the Aurora Borealis dancing high overhead. He daydreamed endlessly of mythical creatures living in the brilliant light above. Al combined his pleasant childhood memories of the Northern Lights with the Grand Teton mountain range of Wyoming, near Yellowstone, to create "Winter Starlight".

"Winter Starlight" is a limited inventory Giclee on Canvas. View the artwork here and bring one home today!

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